Insurance is very important for every person in life which can help every turning stage of life where most critical situation takes place. Such as if you are a student then you need less expense to mention your fees or accommodation expense especially when you studying in abroad. Some people need after retirement when there is no such source for earning, and some needed because of an unexpected health issue or accident.

European Health insurance card is valid in EEA member states and Switzerland

Those students who are stepping forward for the education in these countries then renew your insurance card or you can apply for the one. It is the best opportunity for those who cannot afford more expensive, especially when they are at the initial stage of abroad education and bare all the expense by them self.

Application Foam for EHIC

  • At first, you need a medical card or any scheme payment card related to a drug (DPS), only when you apply directly. If you don’t have any of these cards, then you need to apply in person and complete all the necessary information from your health office.
  • You can APPLY ONLINE for the Insurance card
  • You can also post your application for EHIC by download the foam and fill it which is provided in this article “EHIC PDF.”
  • Check out the CONTACT DETAILS
  • If you post your application, you can also apply for a temporary replacement certificate if you are travelling for a short time.

Things need to prove to get Insurance Card

Name: Proved by original nationality documents (ID, Passport)

Date of Birth: Proved by original nationality documents (ID, Passport)

Address: Proved by original nationality documents (ID, Passport)

Personal Public Service Number: Original Citizen ID proved or PPS office.

These all information would be asked to show the proof and that you have to be with you.

List of Countries in EEA where European health insurance card Applied (CLAM FOR INSURANCE)

EHIC Is Benefit

These are the list of the European Economic Area countries where European health insurance card works for the health insurance claim. It is very important that you can check before claim the insurance that you are in the EEA countries or Switzerland.

European Economic Area (EEA)

1) Austria

2) Belgium

3) Bulgaria

4) Croatia

5) Cyprus

6) Czech Republic

7) Kingdom of Denmark

8) Estonia

9) Finland

10) France

11) Germany

12) Greece

13) Hungary

14) Ireland

15) Italy

16) Latvia

17) Lithuania

18) Luxembourg

19) Malta

20) Netherlands

21) Poland

22) Portugal

23) Romania

24) Slovakia

25) Slovenia

26) Spain

27) Sweden

28) United Kingdom

This above data of EEA is taken from the source

European Free Trade Association (EFTA)

29) Iceland

30) Liechtenstein

31) Norway

32) Switzerland

European Health Insurance Card “for a Non-EU citizen.”

If you are not the citizen of EEA or Switzerland even then you can apply for the European health insurance card it doesn’t matter; this card can be applied but used in the above mention European countries. So if you are in any of the above countries for studies, Job or business purpose this card works in all long-term stay or short term stay then this card is a benefit for you.

European health insurance card is free for all the legal residents of participating countries which mean if any company or organisation charges for insurance card then they are not the EHIC organisation which connect HSE or any other state service.

Their needs aid then again Different organizations who go about as non-official operators looking into sake for individuals, orchestrating supply of the cards in exchange for payment, frequently putting forth other administrations for example, such that those checking from claiming requisitions to errors What’s more all exhortation or support.

European health insurance card “Ireland”

If you are the citizen of Ireland or staying in Ireland for a long or short term, then you have to check the official link of EHIC where you can see the different option for you, read all the documents carefully so you get full benefit with this health service.

European health insurance card “lost & renew.”

Due to travelling mostly people lost or forget their European health insurance card at their last visited location, you need to inform to the respective person at your insurance office or check out the link to close the card, so it cannot be used illegally(by another person). And you can apply for renewing your card with the same benefits and features. There is a renew foam in the link check it and provide the necessary information that can assure the company that it is you.

European health insurance card "lost & renew"

Importance of EHIC in European countries

This European health insurance card very benefits for the travellers and business/studies even in USA citizen can have some option in this organization. If you are a student, and you are going for the studies in European countries then you will be needed this card, which will definitely help you to stable your monthly expense, which is always overflow due to the medical expense, because most of the education sector in European countries are in megacities which means the cost of doctor visit is also more than your hometown.

If you like or you have any question regarding this topic then comment us, so we can give you help to get your EHIC for European countries named are listed above.